Luxurious Silk Brocade Design Turquoise Garden

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Luxurious Silk Brocade Design Turquoise Garden

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Quick Overview

This is a soft fabric headband. IT HAS NO PLASTIC INSERT.

A beautiful garden design with flowers, plants, and butterflies over a turquoise background, a gorgeous brocade design, perfect for any occasion.



This is a soft fabric headband. IT HAS NO PLASTIC INSERT.
This stunning headband is handmade in limited quantities.


  • Handmade in Michigan, USA
  • Every headband (excluding some Elastic-Skinny headbands) is fully lined with fabric depending on the design.
  • One size fits most. Measures: 20″ (approximate) including the elastic band (50 cm approximate).
  • Each headband has a matching elastic band sewn in the back.
  • Stays in place without giving you a headache.
  • Perfect to give as gifts.
  • Completely made in a smoke-free environment.
  • Pattern may vary.
  • Handmade one at a time.
  • Limited quantities available


This item is handmade upon purchase. Orders start shipping after 72 hours within business days (excluding holidays and weekends) after payment is received.

Handmade in Michigan, United States

Each headband is handmade one at a time. This product was handcrafted with love in Michigan, United States using the highest quality materials.

This headband is new and has never been worn by anybody.


Handmade in Michigan


There could be slight variations due to craftsmanship, monitor settings, or fabric print patterns, but that’s the beauty of the handmade.

The Perfect Fit

One size fits most. Stays in place without giving you a headache.
Each headband, including the elastic band approximate measures:

Wide Headbands
2″ wide x 20″ circumference approximate.
5 cm wide x 50 cm circumference approximate.

Skinny Headbands
1.5″ x 20″ circumference approximate.
3.81 cm wide x 50 cm circumference approximate.

These are approximated measurements. Each headband expands about 1.5 inches (3.81 centimeters approximate).
If you have any questions about measures or if you need a different size, please contact me.

Want a different size?

Just contact me with your measurements (the circumference of your head), I will gladly adjust it for free.

It’s easy, simply measure your head the way a headband would fit, all the way to the back of your neck (as shown on the illustration).


How to measure your headband


If your measurement is above 21.5″ (55 centimeters approximate) your headband will need adjustments. Please contact me with your measurements. Thank you.

Got Questions?

For more information or comments please contact me. I take good care of our customers, and respond to any questions quickly!


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